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To request a conciliation process, please use our “online conciliation request form – flight” (it ensures the quickest possible assessment of your case).

Please note: All questions marked with a * are mandatory. We would like to point out that the söp is a neutral conciliation body and is independent from the airlines. Therefore, we do not have access to the documents which you might have already submitted to the airline. Please upload your travel documents as well as your previous correspondence with the airline in step 5/5. The filename should not contain any blank spaces or special characters. Admissible file formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpg.

Step 1/5 Admissibility Check

Admissibility of the conciliation request

To which airline is your complaint directed?* *
eigene Beschwerde (und ggf. Beschwerde Mitreisender) My own complaint (including that of fellow travelers)
ausschließlich Beschwerde Dritter Solely on behalf of someone else