Your conciliation request

There are many and various reasons for a travel complaint – for example, delay or missed connection, cancellation or overbooking, loss, delay or damage of luggage, or a dispute relating to the booking or validity of the ticket.

What steps should you take?

The first step is to make a complaint to the company you made your trip with or intend to make a trip with. Please summarise the most important facts of your trip and briefly explain the reason for your complaint. This allows the company to examine your claim and to reply to you. Airlines have a period of two months to reply, all other companies have one month to reply.

The second step is to contact söp, if you are not satisfied with the company’s reply or if you receive no reply at all. Via our online form you can simplify the application process and ensure that your request for conciliation is processed as quickly as possible.

Please note!

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As an independent conciliation body we do not have access to the documents/ information you might have already submitted to the company.


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